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Premium WordPress Theme Design Characteristics

Premium WP theme design characteristics that tend to include features that make it very easy for the user to manage their own site. In fact, some of the reasons that people have designers create custom WordPress themes rather than having them create a regular website from scratch is because the content management features on WordPress make it possible for the company or individual having the premium WP theme built to manage their entire website without needing to contact the designer again. It’s really a question of cost. Here are some of the characteristics to look for in premium WordPress theme design.

Theme Options Panel

Any premium WP theme will generally have a theme options panel included with it. This basically allows you to alter the look and feel of the site from the same control panel area that you would use to administer your WordPress installation generally. If you want to change the color scheme, elements of the layout, add or remove short codes, add or remove widgets or do anything else to change the look of the site, you should be able to do it from this panel.

The theme options panel allows you to create your own WordPress templates, in some cases, as well. Templates are used for specific types of pages and, if you use them correctly, they ensure that your site is remarkably consistent relative to the content included on any given page.

SEO Tools

Another consideration that good designers will take into account when creating custom WordPress themes is search engine optimization. Most of the best premium WP theme options out there have SEO options available in the control panel area. This means that you don’t have to alter the source code to make any changes to the search engine optimization elements of your webpage.


You can add plug-ins to your own WordPress designs to allow for this but, if you’re purchasing a premium WP theme from a professional designer, it should include thumbnail resizing features. When good designers create custom WordPress themes, they design them so that their clients can use them on their own in the future. If you have a thumbnail resizing feature built into your theme, it means that you only have to upload one copy of any image that you want to include on the pages. If you’re managing your own site and somebody else has done the premium WordPress theme designed for you, make certain this feature is included. It’s incredibly useful.


Most any premium WP theme will have several different styles that you can use for the look of the site. Premium WordPress theme design oftentimes means redesigning the site in several different configurations to give the end-user options. Look on the theme options menu. You should have a selection that allows you to change the color scheme of the site and, in some cases, to change the skin that the site uses and to change the color of hyperlinks and so forth. This feature is one that businesses cannot afford to go without.

Whether you want your WordPress site for personal or business use, premium WordPress theme design should include the above listed characteristics.

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